The ideal mini boombox fully loaded with down firing subwoofer, 100 watt amp, bluetooth, phone charger and 20 hr lithium ion battery. This little case will rock any room.

Get yourself a sweet bluetooth powered speaker built from handpicked vintage suitcases made in the 1940s and then carefully aged and preserved in attics and closets for decades. Its not your grandpa’s boombox, these suitcases rock with the latest in music tech and bluetooth. Be SEEN and HEARD! Handmade in Chicago.

Classic Series HiFi case featuring lithium ion rechargeable battery and bluetooth. Take your party anywhere and playback your music completely wirelessly.

Standard 3.5mm Stereo input and 3 foot audio cable:
Connect to any device including (ipod, iphone, laptop, tape deck, reel to reel, record player walkman, minidisc player, zune and any device you would normally connect your headphones)
This case has a 1/4 inch stereo input that could also be used for a bedroom practice amp.

Built-In Amplifier:
100watt amplifier with plenty of power to rock your next living room or dance party.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery:
10+ hours play time on a single charge. Take your music to the beach or your next bonfire!

Bluetooth Apt-X 4.0 Audio Streaming:
The highest grade bluetooth module available. Connect your smartphone, tablet and laptop to stream your music wirelessly over bluetooth

Full Range HiFi Speakers:
Five brand new black speakers matched perfectly for each suitcase to produce surprisingly full sound.


Samsonite IV

  • 15 Hour Rechargeable Battery
External Power
  • 1x USB Device Charger
  • Standard 1/8inch Stereo Audio
  • Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming
  • 3.5mm Stereo Male to Male Audio Cable 3 ft