, - BowTruss Old Irving Park
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BowTruss Old Irving Park

Custom retail installation for BowTruss Coffee Roasters in Old Irving park Chicago.



  • Standard 1/8inch Stereo Audio
  • Stereo RCA Phono Pre-Amp
  • No Battery - AC Wall Plug Only

Audio Inputs

Standard Line In with adaptors

Connect to any device including (ipod, iphone, laptop, tape deck, reel to reel, record player walkman, minidisc player, zune and any device you would normally connect your headphones) This case has a 1/4 inch stereo input that could also be used for a bedroom practice amp.


A.C. Wall Power

Got an outlet nearby and no need to use the internal battery.


I love my HiFi Case! It’s perfect for my photo studio but also gets carried outside for all of our patio parties.

— Lisa Diederich Photography