- Samsonite Classic XL
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Samsonite Classic XL

Real nice Samsonite case with some darker patina from age.


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Some nice color textures and patina on the back of the case with classic Samsonite Caramel brown on the front. A very uniquely aged piece.

  • 200 watt amp
  • 4x 6.5in drivers
  • 2x 1inch neodymium tweeters
  • 1x 5inch midrange speaker
  • Frequency Response: 40hz to 20khz
Dimensions: 21in x 19in x 8in


  • Standard 1/8inch Stereo Audio
  • Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming
  • 15 Hour Rechargeable Battery

Audio Inputs

Standard Line In with adaptors

Connect to any device including (ipod, iphone, laptop, tape deck, reel to reel, record player walkman, minidisc player, zune and any device you would normally connect your headphones) This case has a 1/4 inch stereo input that could also be used for a bedroom practice amp.

Bluetooth Apt-X 4.0 Audio Streaming:

Great for connecting the Bluetooth audio output of smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer. Bluetooth v4.0 with aptX + EDR receiver module that supports A2DP Receives streaming Bluetooth music up to 10 meters (33 ft.) High-end design with less than 0.6% distortion


15+ Hour Rechargeable Battery Built Inside

Take your music on the road and playback for 15 or more hours with he built in lithium ion battery. Our high quality lithium ion batteries are tested and approved air travel save and built to last for years to come.


I love my HiFi Case! It’s perfect for my photo studio but also gets carried outside for all of our patio parties.

— Lisa Diederich Photography