Higher costs are coming

With everything we’ve been through in 2020 it’s time to take notice that the costs of tariffs in china, shortage of materials and general inflation means higher pricing from electronics suppliers. This cost manifests in our lithium battery back-powered speakers. We pride ourselves on only using properly testing lithium-ion packs for safety and longevity. We’ve seen the cost of battery packs and amplifiers go up 150% to 200% recently and so you’ll see prices on our boomboxes go up a bit on new orders. We still stand by our products and think they will last for many years to come.

And as always. we’re happy to maintain and repair damaged speakers to keep them running and out of the landfill. To that end here’s a nice review we received from a long time customer that recently had their boombox serviced

Our HiFi Case holds near-sacred status in our household! It is hands-down our favorite unique piece that always fits the occasion. We keep it on a shelf in our living room, and the sound carries into the kitchen and through our loft floor plan. It is so easy to transport onto the patio too. No matter what the occasion is, our guests always compliment the playlist AND the HiFi Case. 
Even better, Garrett has been incredibly helpful and stands by his product in ways you just don’t get with other devices. Our case was purchased in 2014 (to celebrate our wedding!). It was accidentally dropped in 2017 & needed repair, and Garrett both repaired and upgraded the system to bluetooth. In 2021, the charger stopped working, and he again came to the rescue. 
Lots of gratitude for bringing the HiFi vision into the spaces that matter the most!