Record Cabinet

When I’m not listening to music on a HiFI Case or Headphones, I like to sit back and play records on gear I find while hunting for suitcases. I’ve been getting into furniture building and decided it was time to replace my Ikea cabinets with something a little nicer.

I worked through a few designs but ultimately I wanted enough storage for 200 records each sized about 12×12 with a couple inches inset and comfortable height (30 inches) for operating the turntable. Aesthetically, I was aiming for somewhere between West Elm and DWR. I also like the challenge of attempting a walnut with a waterfall grain pattern from left to right using a miter joint. I limited my project to what could be built from one 4×8 sheet of walnut veneer plywood. After the side panels were sketched out I ended with about a 48inch width for the cabinet.